Moving my Weight Loss/Maintenance Blog to WordPress


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I have thought about taking my blog from

to another place for a long time. I enjoy and am motivated by so many blogs written by people on their way down the scale, as well as though who have reached their goals and are maintaining a significant weight loss.

I, myself, lost 170 lbs. over an 18-month period starting in late 2009, and hit my goal weight of 160 lbs. on April 15, 2011. As an older woman, who recently retired from her full-time job of 35 years, I have lots of time now to read blogs, write my own, and also way too much time to EAT!

THAT is the struggle! So much is written about weight loss. TV shows are devoted to people losing weight, books are written, doctors are committed to helping people as they struggle to drop pounds. But once you get to your goal weight….where is the help? The maintenance of a significant or even less significant weight loss is where the work really begins. I knew from the beginning that this time was different. Always before when I tried to lose weight, I would think, “I can’t wait until I’m done with this ‘diet,’ so I can go back to eating potato chips and M&M’s.” This time I knew I could never go back to my old ways. I knew this time I needed to truly change my life.

Today….over two years into my maintenance….I still struggle every single moment. I’m not sure that it will ever become easier. I have read that my odds of regaining have decreased significantly since I have maintained my loss for over two years. I am looking forward to that FIVE-YEAR maintenance anniversary, because at that point, 95% of people maintain their loss for LIFE!

This blog will be my story….of maintaining a significant weight loss after menopause, when supposedly all woman gain weight. It will also be the story of staying strong as I deal with my husband’s Stage Four prostate cancer diagnosis. I used to think regaining my weight was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. But now I know that is not true. Losing my husband of 43 years is definitely the WORST! I also know I am one of the lucky ones. I could make the choice to get healthy.  People with cancer, like my husband, don’t get that chance. I’m hoping to stay strong and healthy so that I can take care of him as we begin this terrifying journey.